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We have been testing induction cooking and holding equipment for over 25 years.
Let us help you understand and promote this disruptive technology.

The Induction Technology Experts

We are a technical and educational resource dedicated to sharing accurate and unbiased energy and performance information about induction cooktops, woks, and hot food holding. The appliance experts at the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) are committed to helping demystify induction cooking and holding and assist in the promotion and adoption of this efficient technology.

If you are a cook wanting to purchase induction equipment, a designer wanting to specify induction, or a utility wanting to promote induction cooking, our friendly and knowlegeable experts can assist with equipment information, demonstrations, and educational resources.

Why Induction?

Commercial and residential induction cooktops have been available for decades but, adoption in the United States has been limited. The new nationwide goal of reaching zero net carbon by 2050 has pushed induction cooking to the forefront as a disruptive technology that can lead the way to zero carbon cooking.

Combining energy-efficiency and high-performance, induction cooking and holding offers a number of energy, health, labor, and safety benefits including:

- Fast Heat-up
- Precise Temperature Control
- Kitchen Comfort
- No Combustion Byproducts
- Easy Cleanup
- Lowered Fire Risk

Learn About Induction

We offer you a number of ways to discover the benefits of induction cooking. From education to demonstrations and even a free cooktop loaner program, we are your go-to reasource for everything induction. Let us help you take advantage of these no-cost resources!


Schedule a live cooking demo with our in-house chef to experience the benefits of induction cooking appliances for yourself.

Induction Lending Program

Depending on your location, we loan both residential and commercial induction cooktops. Now you can try one in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Induction Education Sessions

These on-demand induction classes are presented by the experts at the Induction Technology Center. They are available to watch now!