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Energy Efficiency Experts

We help clients across the industry save energy and water.
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Over 30 Years of Experience

Since 1987, our team of engineers, educators, researchers and industry professionals have been dedicated to reducing energy and water consumption in the foodservice industry through the use of efficient equipment, adoption of best practices and the promotion of emerging and sustainable technologies.

What's New

Foodservice is Energy Intensive!

Foodservice Facilities

A restaurant uses up to three times as much energy as other commercial buildings!

Kitchen Equipment

A single fryer, one of the most common appliances, can use as much energy as an entire house!

Energy Savings = Profit

Every dollar of energy saved is a dollar that goes directly to the bottom line!

Our Services

We serve many segments of the foodservice industry. Our clients include utilities, manufacturers, equipment representatives, engineers, consultants, governments, universities, regulatory bodies, national chains and mom-and-pop restaurants.

Program Development

Utilities, Governments, Universities

We help establish, promote, and support successful foodservice energy efficiency programs through custom tools & exceptional services.

Education & Training

All industry participants

From training sessions and classes to webinars and online courses, we have a full slate of educational offerings designed to increase energy efficiency awareness and adoption.

Try Before You Buy

Kitchen Operators, Equipment Reps, Manufacturers

Our 'Try Before You Buy' program gives customers hands-on experience with the latest energy-efficient equipment before having to commit to a purchase.

Equipment Testing

Manufacturers, Equipment Reps, Chains

Our ISO-accredited test lab benchmarks the energy performance of a wide range of commercial foodservice equipment.

Energy Surveys

Kitchen Operators, Facility Managers

From hotel kitchens to mom-and-pops, we visit a variety of foodservice facilities to assess their energy-saving potential and provide equipment and operational recommendations.


Kitchen Operators, Consultants, Facility Managers

Whether you are designing a new restaurant or remodeling an existing one, the FSTC can help you optimize your kitchen design and specify the right equipment.

What Clients Are Saying

Being able to test new technologies with actual food gave me the confidence to choose and build new processes for my restaurant that would have previously been impossible.

Matt Greco

SaltCraft, Pleasanton, CA

We want to thank [the FSTC] for the wonderful treatment we received during our training sessions. Holding them at the Center was fantastic and the outcome has been great!

Jamie Duarte

Deployment Consultant
McDonald's USA, LLC

I highly recommend [the FSTC] to everyone I know who wants to open a restaurant. It is a great resource.

Andrew Hoffman

Operating Partner
Comal, Berkeley, CA